Chris Haigh’s Celtic Fiddle Explorer: Beginner

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Meet Chris Haigh

Chris Haigh is a highly respected fiddle teacher known for his deep knowledge and love for folk music. He has spent years exploring different styles of fiddle music, from the traditional tunes of Ireland and Scotland to the lively sounds of gypsy jazz.

Chris has a special way of teaching that makes learning complex music ideas easy and fun for everyone, no matter their level. His lessons are full of useful tips and are designed to help students improve quickly while enjoying the journey. Chris Haigh doesn’t just teach how to play the fiddle; he invites his students into the exciting world of folk music, inspiring them to explore and make their own contributions to its ongoing story.

What you will learn

Fiddle Foundations

In this module we will introduce you to the magic and diversity of traditional music. We will introduce you to a broad range of different styles and take you through how to play one of each tradition.

To get started with this Foundations module you should have been playing the violin for about a year or so. You should be comfortable playing some basic scales and pieces. If you have taken some grade exams, you may want to be around grade three.

Introduction to Irish Fiddle

In this introductory module we will take each tune phrase by phrase, so you can learn to play the tune by ear, call and response style. For those of you that read music, the sheet music is also available to download.

Introduction to Scottish Fiddle

In this introductory module, you will have a whirlwind tour through the main styles of Scottish music giving you tips on bowing, style and ornamentation. For those of you that read music, the sheet music is also available to download.


This course also comes with 19 short technique videos covering everything from bowing to how to play for dancing.

Fiddle Foundations: Beginner/Intermediate

Introduction to Irish Fiddle: Beginner/Intermediate

Introduction to Scottish Fiddle: Beginner/Intermediate

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